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But an "Ideal" client is very much not my thing, so just bring yourself to each session and we'll be fine. :)

I vibe well with and love working with those whose intersections do not fit the traditional societal norms and/or may not be fully supported in our current society. They might identify as:

Punks, goths, body modifiers, radical activists and dissenters, anarchists, sex workers, artists, nerds, TGNC+, people who identify as intersex, asexual, BIPOC, people with both visible and invisible disabilities, non-monogamists, LGB+, those who don't want children, atheists, anti-theists or people of varying faiths/spiritual practices, those who refuse labels and really anyone else who is tired of being forced into boxes.

  • Adolescents (Ages 15-17) and Adults (Ages 18+)

  • CNM/Polyam/Open Relationships, etc. (I celebrate and affirm love in all it's forms as long as everyone involved is a consenting adult)

  • Kink/BDSM Identified and/or Curious Individuals 

  • Neurodivergency/Gifted/Twice Exceptional (and their sidekick, burnout)

  • First Generation Adult and Adolescent Members of Immigrant Families 

  • HSP's (Highly Sensitive People) ​

  • Depression and Self-Esteem Issues

  • Anti-Diet/HAES

  • ​Life Transitions

  • ​​Toxic Work Environments

  • ​Grief and Loss

  • Anxiety/Panic 

  • Oppression/Racial Trauma (I got you and I'm not one to pretend like it doesn't exist in its varied forms!)

  • Generational/Ancestral Trauma Work

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder & Complex PTSD

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